You thought “Fiction” should be disregarded in this reality yet you believe in Law?

Here’s another “point of you” – I agree with the general consensus that religions and the words in those books are fiction, so if the bible is a work of fiction, like many other great works of fiction then one need not read or take them literally to get a message or impression from them, so what might the impressions or allegorical messages be?
There are some fantastic movies out there that have the same basic message, movies like, the matrix, highway 61, the illusionist, sky captain and the world of tomorrow, Pacific rim, start wars, Lucy, Once upon a time, the wizard of oz, Sherlock Holmes, Melancholia, The fifth element, They Live,  to name a few all telling a story where you the observer can see something of yourself in each character like you know who they are, what they represent, how can that be? it can only be if they are all part of you, part of your experience, your complete consciousness what is it they are attempting to tell you?
These stories are all about you and cannot, in all truth contained in you, be about anyone else, as you are the only point of consciousness you can truly verify, these stories are more about what is within than what is observable outside of self.
Which parts are you choosing to play in this 3D reality?
If you are looking for truth about this world we live in and how it works it would be remiss and ignorant to not look to all sources where truth is said to be found and may be concealed.
The height of ignorance not to consider that there may just be some truth in so called religious texts as it could very well be the exact intention, to prevent you from finding it by bad mouthing it, proving it to be fake or fiction. Any interpretation of whatever is written or put on the screen is entirely up to me or you as an individual to decide in unraveling the mysteries of your/my life, I am not going to take the word of anyone or suggestions either to include or exclude any information from any source especially where “government” is involved in matters of my “spirit”. Since the hot official” hate topic seems to be “muslim” on the worldwide government hate radar, it suggests to me that the Koran might be the focus of their current fear. Personally I have always liked the Buddhist approach to life but I have read little of the texts, but I am pretty sure that those texts will be telling the same kind of story about me. This world is far removed from spirit simply because people have been indoctrinated to take everything literally thereby developing a need for literal proof of things “spirit” where spirit is obviously not a literal thing, an “intangible” it can only be allegorical and “seen” in mind from an anagogic perspective so the trick would be to start learning about anagogic “thinking” as opposed to the literal, finding connection with truth that some how just resonates with you, signs that appear in a more visual imaginative manner as opposed to the so called “logical’ or “scientific” approach. Truth can resonate both in a pleasant or unpleasant way, much of our approach to all con-cepts of this world have been inherited from others, second hand information second hand con-clusions which doesn’t exactly leave very much original “clean” thought contained within the trained monkey brain we rely so heavily on in this life, if we believe in one lie and live a life according to it chances are by age 20 the fractals produced by that one lie would be astronomical in complication of connection almost impossible to unravel, the “tell a lie to cover a lie” effect. The most pervasive and insidious lie designed specifically to prevent you from “seeing” from your spiritual perspective, to distract you from thinking you might have any kind of spiritual nature, is the label you got soon after you were born, your NAME! It was turned in to and used as a lie as soon as it was registered with “government” – aka the Crown, in “bible speak” the mark of the beast.
The bible “a work of fiction” rejected as a source of truth in this world by majority belief in another fictional book of worship called “law” property of “The Crown Corporation” some benevolent God that fucker turned out to be eh?
Screw what anyone else thinks you should believe in it is up to you to find out what lies you have stored in that brain of yours, no judgement here just know that you have lies to sort out that are messing up an otherwise peaceful and fulfilling life.

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