The LEGAL Road to Living Hell by Way of Your Own Birth/Death Certificate

Your birth certificate is proof that you are not that name that the birth certificate has on it (among other things) because it states upon it that it cannot be used as identification, so what do we dummies do? we Identify ourselves with the name as being our name, hell even our parents called us by it and our teachers and our mates and ourselves so what can one expect one would believe! Guilty! before you even think about going to a Crown Corporation Court.
Want to “clear your name”? sorry you can’t it isn’t yours you are going to have to find something else to refer to yourself as “dead things cannot be heard” your claims, your excuses, your “argument” falls upon deaf ears.
Perhaps funniest of all, but not funny at the same time, is the moment you were going to get your first item of “ID” you were asked for your birth certificate which effectively proves you claim to be the legal/fictional/dead “person” with words from your very own mouth you say you are, birth certificates are things that identify the dead and are easy to obtain, just go to a cemetery pick a name off the tombstone of a dead bod buried there and apply for and pay for the birth certificate and you will receive it, bringing the dead back to life by way of your own energies! I bet you didn’t think you could perform that kind of magic!
Perhaps this may give you thought to another side in the meaning of the phrases “keeping the dead alive in memory”, or “in memory of the fallen ones”?
If “they” (agents of the Crown) also really knew the significance of the act at that time you “applied” for ID they would be laughing their asses off at you.”one born (dead) every minute”, “there goes another one branding/marking/enslaving/killing itself!”.
Human rights apply only to the living, the dead have no use for them, therefore at that point, when you took possession of a birth/death certificate, human rights do not apply to you, a self confessed dead “person”.

ID – Id – (noun) : the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest.

1. readily perceived by the eye or the understanding; evident; obvious; apparent; plain
2. Psychoanalysis.- of or relating to conscious feelings, ideas, and impulses that contain repressed psychic material
3. to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly:
4. to prove; put beyond doubt or question: record in a ship’s manifest
Latin manifestus, manufestusdetected in the act, evident, visible;

With the above definitions in mind just what is it that is being identified when I am connected to “ID”? not only a label for the body but the mind and spirit contained therein as well.

There are many methods of “identifying” a body in this world, DNA, blood, fingerprints, tattoo, signature, verbal claim to a legal name, the list goes on, “make, model, serial number” these things describe an empty vessel void of life, they do not describe a life force, without a “life force” within in it, the object is inanimate, the vessel is a “dead” thing. Conscious or unconscious I am the life force within this vessel, possession of this vessel has been granted to me by creation itself (funny that possession is also nine tenths of the law) otherwise this consciousness, this self awareness, this spirit, would not be here.
A man and a woman, Mum and Dad, carried out the naturally present, (therefore approved intent) self replicating physical processes that began the development of the body of new physical life I came to inhabit.
Copyright, (another work of fiction) suggests the claimant  “owns” the body of the works” all things included in it, yet a” title” upon a contractual “body of works” (a “distinguishing name” basically a word or set of words describing some thing,) cannot be copyrighted, what is it that is written a body of works? are there not “distinguishing words”? is not a word or a set of words? Can you see a contradiction? can you see a conflict?
In man made law there is always a contradiction, contradiction always leads to conflict.
Laws of man depend entirely on conflict, conflict is a state of mind.
Do you live allowing any conflicting state of mind/belief to cohabit with you? Can you live in a state of mind without conflict? or are you too addicted to it?
The birth certificate is also Crown Copyright property, now here comes another sticky LITERAL bit of conflict, the birth certificate is also a title to a deed (a “doing”) but you do not own the title or the deed, (you did not “do” it) you simply hold it (and it cost YOU or your parents to get the “bloody” thing!) thereby accepting liability for that “deed in trust” as a trustee on behalf of the owner and beneficiary the Crown corporation, what possible need could you have for a title deed trust that insists you pay for the debts to it created by the Crown other than for the purpose of your own enslavement and creating conflict?
As a trustee you cannot be either the settlor or the beneficiary as the Crown holds “primary claim of right” to those positions as it, or to be more accurate, agents thereof, did “create” the legal fiction.
The Crown, being a dead thing without voice or physical body cannot speak for itself, third party interlopers commonly known as lawyers/liars implying to have the ability to speak to and for the dead (also dead by their own claim to being a legal fiction, but granted voice in a Crown court by way of permission granted by other agents of the Crown (cons-piracy) to use the legal fiction name by way of blood oath in possession of a “temple bar card” issued from a place where death is worshipped to uphold the interests of the dead Crown illusion/dillusion above all else) who have suffered no personal loss through your actions and have no first hand knowledge of nor proof of harm caused to a dead thing which being dead is beyond physical, mental or spiritual harm as it has no “form” it is a fiction and does not really exist but for the con-cept imaginings of a mind contemplating these things.

You are connected with these things because they have been imprinted in your conscious mind  and enforced by suggestions of pseudo-rational “reason” to become part of your reality.
It is up to you to take control of your mind to begin to see these things as lies you have come to “believe in” and thus inherit, created by others, helped along by you which only serve to entrap your mind, spirit and soul.
What is the sensible thing to do when you find out something is a lie? No longer believe in it, discard it and no longer live according to it?

I have a hunch that the average judge or lawyer is about as much in the dark about these things as you were when you first started on your road to discovering your own conflicts that you take to their courts where proceedings will inevitably turn out to be more a battle of “wills”, one ego mind against another, and for time being, in the early developments of your non compliance, their own confusion will cause a few hiccups but certainly not an overall solution for humanity as the world of “law” is a world that can only operate where there is conflict, if it cannot readily acquire conflict agents of the Crown will help you create conflict the courts can take an interest in, indicating strongly that a complete and long term solution will not be found there where it has not been found before, it is but the end product of a “thought”.
When you bring “them” “your” conflict (yes it is yours and yours alone as you claim to own or be a Crown copyright legal fiction name and want to make something of it in “their” domain, when they have simply sent you a memo suggesting you do) “here’s the bait let’s see if he takes it”.
The harder you fight for ownership of or recognition for, or connection to, or any other thing that places you in conflict with “them” the harder they will fight and as theirs is also a world where physical dominance has the tendency to denote who is right and whose side “god” might be on, your value to a pissed off insane ego driven self righteous human being whose pay packet and authority is being threatened in “their” world and who believes in a god that requires a blood oath and approves of legal murder, is about zero, should you choose to push it that far whilst still not quite understanding who or what you really are. The well trained dogs or mercenaries acting as agents for the Crown operate in all murderous seriousness under the insane misconception they have a right to kill  you if you do not comply, the strength of your physical resistance determines the amount of force they will use to get you to comply.

Here I was sitting in the back of a cop car with cuffs cutting in to my wrists thinking “what the fuck? this is nuts, this is not where I want to be or should be, how do they figure they have a right to assault me and drag me away from my family, for matters concerning money, no rego on a car and refusing to give them a legal name! I am innocent of any harm to anyone or any living thing and worst of all, by being a “good law abiding CITIZEN” I helped pay for all this technology and manpower which enables them to do this to me! this is definitely an insane way to live life!” hahahaha oh the irony! oh the clarity!
Can you see how the legal name empowers “agents of the Crown” and that it is of our own doing by using it that we actually do these things to ourselves?

This “spiritual” mind fuck has our flesh and blood beings/vessels pitted against each other, we have most coppers and judiciary who appear to live decent enough lives dependent on their pay packet for their existence, bought and paid for, “I will go along with believing that harming and stealing off others on behalf of the Crown Corporation because it feeds my family and gets me the toys and power and (false sense of) security I think I need”, thereby rationalising their own wrong doing, con-vinced “the law” is “just” or “right” and that man made law magically gives them some kind of “god given” right to impose the will of some similarly misinformed psycho with that all too common “what’s in it for me attitude” somewhere up the food chain who also holds and acts upon the same kind of totally insane and deluded belief that the laws he makes and laws made by other men/women of similar ilk are somehow the laws of the creator of humanity and all things existing in our known universe, when the reality is these laws are only ideas scribbled on pieces of paper, products of the imaginations minds/egos of men/women that hold murderous intent for those who do not bow to their will (as if they were god) or do not fit in to their idea of a perfect society and in terms of their literal reality.
You know your consent could only have been obtained by way of assumption, presumption, fraud and deception, when were you ever asked for your consent to any law directly and given a full and complete explanation of the conditions it may put upon you?
With our own foolhardy belief in the ego mind/s we choose to follow, we further lose the ability to listen or even understand the language of, let alone be led by, our spirit or soul.

True separation from ID/Id can only begin to occur and be achieved in the “mind”, a thought is all it takes, it is not a matter of physically “DOing” things, especially not things that are only bound to “manifest” in further conflict, such as applying for or possessing ID, registration, license, or bringing your case to or appearing in a Crown corporation court. Contrary to popular belief these things do not provide clarity instead they provide further  confusion/illusion, more lies and in order to protect one lie the usual path is to engage in another lie, then another and so on, if you have an urge to “DO” then these things you must “un-DO” or they may become your “unDOing”.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive! ” Sir Walter Scott.

Are you in your “right mind”?
Surrender stops any conflict, when it is surrender to the higher “right” mind it becomes a complete Victory halting all hostility.
A victory for one ego is a war plan in the mind of another to be fought on another day.
How long do you want to plan on being at war?

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