The “KEY” to Freedom and Equality

When John “KEY” first campaigned in “Godzone” to be CEO of the “company” and knowing about his “smiling assassin” history it came to mind that Pandoras’ box was about to open and wondered what horrors would be revealed.
As us Kiwis are witness to, it is easy to see the havoc his “leadership” has wreaked upon the people, however this was not the only revelation!
It turns out that the horrors were already here growing in unmanageable size and frequency like a necrotic super bug consuming the flesh of its host.
It is Truth that has been locked in Pandoras’ box.
It has become increasingly more obvious the true path of the intent of “the powers that be”, is gross inequality, loss of freedom, financial deprivation, destruction of the environment, the ‘for sale” sign on this land, lust for war and its blood sacrifice.
These things are not just confined to Aotearoa it is a worldwide phenomena evidencing a desperation, an urgency that “something” must be done to change the minds of humanity as a whole in order that it save itself.
The entire “power structure” in this world is dependent and held together by an illusion. Your own “NAME” is the key to freedom and equality.
You think your name is yours but it is not, it is an instrument used in commerce and law and by way of copyright law belongs to the Crown corporation.
It matters not where in the world you are living or were born, if you have a birth certificate it is Crown property.
By using your own name you are breaking copyright law thereby placing yourself under Crown jurisdiction.
The remuneration crown agents will seek as compensation for using Crown copyright property can be anything from a parking fine and an ever increasing amount of your wages up to and including taking your life and the lives of your children, yes “legal murder”! All wars must be “legal wars” forget about morality it is not included in these laws of commerce.
Unless you make a stand to deny your own name, cease and desist in using your name you continue to support and therefore are party in consent to rape, theft of property and killing of yourself and millions of innocents around the world, until you “lose that name” you are complicit in every act of evil perpetrated around the entire globe.
The power is in your hands only if “deny yourself”, you deny the Crown “legal joinder” and you cease to become liable for any and all debts that can only “lawfully” be attributed/attached to the legal fiction account in that name owned by the Crown, thereby handing back all liability for that name to the Crown. Please deny that name of yours, start today, start now this very second, don’t let another child die, stop killing yourself and destroying the planet!
Here is your “KEY”, my question is will you use the truth Pandora has provided or lock it back in the box and perish?

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