The most insidious lie we have been contributing to and living by is so close to us and yet so invisible we are completely fooled by it.

It is entirely up to me to sort the truth out in my own mind, if I miss it or ignore it or I am fooled by the lies of others and go through life living according to those lies, it is to the detriment of not only myself but to my family and my friends and humanity in its entirety.
The biggest and most ruinous lie ever told concerns your own name, it is not yours it is not mine, it has cost you and I a fortune, the cost us life dictated to us by money and people in positions of imaginary authority who follow the orders to engage and entangle you and even kill you with this fraud, it traps your mind, body and soul if you continue to use it.
I don’t mean this message to come across like fear porn as there is nothing to fear but the continuation of an ever increasingly shitty life experience in continuing to use your given name as if it belonged to you.
There is a simple remedy and that is to stop using your name in all your dealings with anything “commerce” or “authority”, live in the now and experience the transition that follows without fear.
What you have been taught about and have come to believe about your name is wrong, your name is Crown copyright property, if you have a birth certificate with your name on it this will OWN YOU! It is Crown property in the world governed and enforced by fictional ideas on paper, is this your will? Has it become clear to you yet that everything in life as we know it today is clearly ruled by the need of authority to govern a legal name?
Without you accepting fraudulent joinder by using that name there is no way you can be governed except by force and what is it called when you force yourself upon another? The intent of this copyright and these laws is clearly theft and murder by way of enticement into fraud and the use of force is rape as these “ideas” cannot be applied without force if you do not consent.
There is hardly one among us that would knowingly consent to theft of their own possessions or their own rape or murder.
You have been mentally raped if you believe in the con-cept of one mans’ authority over another, your intent is that of a rapist if you believe you have authority over another.

Google “legal name fraud” find out the truth for yourself it is nobody elses’ responsibility but your own. Protect the children and those that cannot speak or think for themselves and yourself, set the example, it is the responsible and intelligent thing to do and it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life.

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