The “LAW” and sooner or later

sooner or later confrontations with agents of “the law” will lead to the “winner” being the assholes with command over the most guns and dogs of war should we choose to follow the fight of the ego mind. The weapons in opposition egos arsenal ars-in-EL are way bigger and varied than anything available to any individual you or the human selfs’ in the general populace, go looking for a fight – expect one.
Conflict is not the recommended path to enlightenment, (a court has no interest in a matter where there is no conflict).
Conflict is created by the ego mind of man not the intent of Creation.
The body is attached to the legal fiction by way of illusional/dillusional con-cepts, registration, licencing, copyright.
Ownership implies liability in regards to any and all “property (land)”.
You are neither the owner nor the administrator nor the “first claimant/beneficiary in right” of the “legal fiction NAME” trust the NAME you think is you is Crown copyright property, lock, stock and barrel, if you use it you are committing fraud according to rules, regulations, statues and acts of commercial code. Your claim to a legal fiction as administrator/executor/settlor is fraudulent and merely fortifies the claim that the Crown, who truly owns the fiction can also assume to own by way of your attempt to claim some kind of joinder (where you can only be either the settlor, the beneficiary or the trustee otherwise it is none of your business and you should not be there) thus “the body of the works” your body, the “product” of the marriage license/contract your parents agreed to is under their jurisdiction, (I bet your parents had no idea they were in a threesome hahaha).
Your body is part of this mind, body, soul trap, try vacating it at will hahahaha, in defense of your “possession” perhaps argue that your body is not the property of someone else, as they can not demons-trate that they are able to inhabit it when you choose to vacate it and it still live? hahahaha.
As long as you keep playing that game even if possession is nine tenths of “the law”, the joinder to all things laws of commerce, or any other fictional, from the minds of men” con-cept “law” you may choose to fall under-stand the juris-dick-shun of remains in place both in your mind and the minds of others you bring in to your con-flict.
The con-cept is that earthly fictional ideas and other people hold dominion over you and there is some kind of valid argument that it is true that you must submit to, see the “con” for the “fiction” it is.
The mind you think is you is not really you either it is the product of con-cept-u-a-l (each word and letter has its own meaning) programming over your lifetime, it is the one that thinks it has to “lead the charge” (but that “charge” is not what one assumes the word means either) that “mind” interacts with other flesh beings the most often in one, almost but not quite spontaneous, automated manner, a trained response machine acting out a “persona” part in the play of life here on earth in order to get what it most wants but not necessarily needs. The closest consciously that most come to being “the real me” is when experiencing love or appreciation or being an observer in a relaxed kind of meditative state otherwise it is just the “actor” doing all the thinking, talking and doing and getting you in the shit with its’ programmed obsession with drama. One only serves to perpetuate and serve the purposes of this beast for as long as one “fights” it.

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