What is wrong with the New Zealand Constitution?

The constitution of New Zealand is not what most would think it is nor is New Zealand what most taught to think it is.
Governance of New Zealand is not what most were taught to think it is.
A “Country” is not what most were taught to think it is.
A Country is a Crown controlled territory, all citizens of a country are bondservants/trustees, a condition created by fraudulent use of legal documents, fraudulent contracts disguised as certificates, licenses, deeds, registrations.

The Crown Corporation (worldwide) is not owned by the people it is however a defacto governing corporate body, this governing corporate entity has a constitution, a set of “rules” like any business must have according to the laws of commerce, this constitution is not created by the people , the people are deliberately misled into believing this corporate constitution is a constitution of the people.

This constitution you are subject to is put in place and enforced by those working as “agents” of the Crown, subject to the wims and agendas of The Crown Corporation masters, a ruling class co-conspiring in the City of London State, the Vatican and Washington DC (USA Corporation) the Crown “Trinity”.

Rules, regulations, statutes and acts are entirely “laws” of commerce, absolutely nothing to do with the benefit of the people, honesty, justice, compassion, morality, etc, it is purely and simply designed to enslave people for the benefit of the lifeless entity known as the Crown Corporation.

The Fraud has been revealed! When a fraud is revealed all contracts are rendered null and void. Nunc pro tunc – Now for then. http://thelawdictionary.org/nunc-pro-tunc/ but who the hell are you going to take the issue up with? What court? what judge? will find for you when they are all owned by the Crown and complicit in the fraud? Hell you won’t even get a lawyer to defend or prosecute for you as they too are owned and oathed to the crown!

Did you ever wonder why politicians can take bribes and any case against them ends up going their way? Did you ever wonder why Police can kill people and the case ends up going their way and could even see them promoted? It is because it is written in the company constitution! Court cases on these kinds of thing can be seen to look like something is being done about it but it is all an act to make the public carry on believing “justice is being served” yes justice according to company rules of commerce are being served! Justice according to what is morally right or wrong or the law of a benevolent creator are not served. Note well I do not say “Gods law” for a specific reason, that is because the word “God” is a man made invention and the God/s that men of the Crown corporation serve is/are not a creator who is benevolent to all of humanity and did not create humanity, rather it stole the identification of humanity by the simple act of creating a paper image of it.

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