Every law is an extension of the constitution of the company known as the Crown Corporation, otherwise known as laws of commerce and a multitude of other “legal words” describing what is basically laws concerning the control of all things money, Common law is the poor cousin to it also based in fictional concepts.
Every constitutional law of the Crown corporation is based on joinder with a “Legal Fiction” Joinder to a human self is created and achieved by way of legal instruments such as (primarily the birth registration and birth certificate) copyright, registration, licensing, permit, deed, will, etc any instrument (including forms) offered by the Crown is a copyright contract.
Consent to contract is entirely assumed where it is either given verbally or even not given verbally.
Where a human self claims to be the copyrighted legal fiction name owned by the Crown fraud has then been committed and all agents of the Crown who assist those claiming to be the legal fiction NAME in this joinder are either willingly or unwittingly aiding and abetting the commission of fraud. Oh and forget about “human rights” if you are claiming to be a “dead’ legal fiction, Human rights do not apply to the dead! You are the walking dead if you use a legal name.
Only those that have been issued a bar card are permitted to use the legal name as they are signed under oath to uphold the interests of the Crown, where they use the name in matters of commerce and it is assumed that life itself is entirely dependent on commerce, they too are subject to the assumptions and presumptions put upon unsuspecting other human selves.
Of course the fraud will not be brought to trial or claim or public attention by the Crown as long as the human self claiming to be that NAME pays all debts and accepts all charges, orders, warrants(bills of exchange), conditions, benefits of courts, etc claimed upon the legal fiction account that is under Crown jurisdiction, it is assumed that the party claiming false ownership of the NAME is accepting liability for all debts associated to it Crown agents will have no objection to you declaring yourself dead and taking your money and energies.
Have you ever wondered how you could be born in to debt(sin)? This is how it is done.
Without a claim to being the legal fiction name Crown agents cannot establish joinder or jurisdiction over a human self, “lose the NAME win the game”, or perhaps lose the NAME and stop playing the game! A game you cannot win no matter how smart you might think your “educated or uneducated mind is.
This “game” is also a spiritual contract in so much as everything you think attaches your inner self to the concept, therefore you cannot possibly free your spirit or soul, what ever you would like to call the inner self, whilst it is bound with the mind to lies, it is up to you to find out the lies your mind holds, lies you live your life by, lies put upon your psyche by your “education\indoctrination”, the beliefs or opinions of others and those you attract that will claim and attempt to force false authority over you.
For other writings and pertinent thought provoking truths take a look at http://losethename.com/ and http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/kates-writings
the game!
For other writings and pertinent thought provoking truth take a look at http://losethename.com/ and http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/kates-writings

Colonization and Culture New Zealand and the entire planet

Greed, fear, anger, hatred, vengeance, discrimination, all things that harden the heart toward others, the cultivated ego, the persona, nurtured in any individual will produce what can be described as forms of colonization or culture.
What we see outside of ourselves is not the cause it is a collective result of what is held inside the minds of individuals in the form of beliefs, such as the belief in authority, belief in laws, belief in religion, belief in money, belief in government, belief in territory, belief in ownership, belief in education, belief in work, belief in media, belief in war, belief in murder, belief in theft, belief in terrorism, belief that a piece of paper with words on it holds power, belief in literal solutions invented by men/women to all of mankinds’ woes, belief in things outside of our own personal experience, opinions of others, the list goes on each lie connected to another and another. if you can’t see the lies substitute the words “belief in” with “worship of” or “obsess over” see how that works for you, otherwise remain in denial and expect the same result eh?
What possible result can one expect when living lies, accepting lies, as the foundation for ones’ life but inevitable self destruction and the destruction of the planet according to the “will of men/man/women/woman” Men/women who are not of benevolent nature?
Dead things like the Crown Corporation cannot be satiated, Ever! it is a platform for the criminally insane to deliver death and destruction. People at all levels of this administrative beast held in mental servitude, people held to ransom by the fear of losing their own income or possessions and not being able to feed themselves or house their families, selling their fellow human beings out for a wage, mercenaries no less. People commanded by sociopathic rules void of morality, invented by narcissistic minds designed specifically to disadvantage, ruin, disenfranchise, even kill the living beings forced by insane rules in to dependence on the “system” for their survival. Who will this dead thing turn on when the disenfranchised are all dead? Everyone next up the “ladder”! as long as you keep feeding it with your belief, your energies.
You have been deceived, you will only be released when you wake up to your own thinking processes, your inherited beliefs, the cunningly concealed lies you have been trained to accept, react to, act upon and live by.
Your own name is tied to a myriad of lies it is not you! It is not yours, you do not “own” it! Using your name between friends and family is reasonably safe but when you interact with those outside of friendly confines then the lies are set to work, against you!
Guess who, or more precisely what, owns your name! Here’s a hint – it starts with Crown and ends with Corporation, Crown copyright material by way of your birth registration and certificate so who are you? Copyright applies to the completed and entire “body of works”. Research it yourself try “legal name fraud” in google.
Don’t think for a moment that just because you don’t work directly for “The Crown Corporation” that you are not party to the insanity because you are! You consent by voting, licensing, paying tax, registration, paying fines, going to Crown court, using a Crown court, using a bank account, and the list goes on, anything where you use (in fraud) the Crown copyrighted name without consent from the Crown. The Crown assumed your consent from before you were even born by way of your parents marriage certificate where you became a product of commercial value by way of the partnership formed between your parents and the Crown from there on you were “educated” to continue to substantiate the Crowns’ ownership of your body and your energies.
Let us all know when you are truly sick of it and sickened by it, please, make it soon!

What is wrong with the New Zealand Constitution?

The constitution of New Zealand is not what most would think it is nor is New Zealand what most taught to think it is.
Governance of New Zealand is not what most were taught to think it is.
A “Country” is not what most were taught to think it is.
A Country is a Crown controlled territory, all citizens of a country are bondservants/trustees, a condition created by fraudulent use of legal documents, fraudulent contracts disguised as certificates, licenses, deeds, registrations.

The Crown Corporation (worldwide) is not owned by the people it is however a defacto governing corporate body, this governing corporate entity has a constitution, a set of “rules” like any business must have according to the laws of commerce, this constitution is not created by the people , the people are deliberately misled into believing this corporate constitution is a constitution of the people.

This constitution you are subject to is put in place and enforced by those working as “agents” of the Crown, subject to the wims and agendas of The Crown Corporation masters, a ruling class co-conspiring in the City of London State, the Vatican and Washington DC (USA Corporation) the Crown “Trinity”.

Rules, regulations, statutes and acts are entirely “laws” of commerce, absolutely nothing to do with the benefit of the people, honesty, justice, compassion, morality, etc, it is purely and simply designed to enslave people for the benefit of the lifeless entity known as the Crown Corporation.

The Fraud has been revealed! When a fraud is revealed all contracts are rendered null and void. Nunc pro tunc – Now for then. http://thelawdictionary.org/nunc-pro-tunc/ but who the hell are you going to take the issue up with? What court? what judge? will find for you when they are all owned by the Crown and complicit in the fraud? Hell you won’t even get a lawyer to defend or prosecute for you as they too are owned and oathed to the crown!

Did you ever wonder why politicians can take bribes and any case against them ends up going their way? Did you ever wonder why Police can kill people and the case ends up going their way and could even see them promoted? It is because it is written in the company constitution! Court cases on these kinds of thing can be seen to look like something is being done about it but it is all an act to make the public carry on believing “justice is being served” yes justice according to company rules of commerce are being served! Justice according to what is morally right or wrong or the law of a benevolent creator are not served. Note well I do not say “Gods law” for a specific reason, that is because the word “God” is a man made invention and the God/s that men of the Crown corporation serve is/are not a creator who is benevolent to all of humanity and did not create humanity, rather it stole the identification of humanity by the simple act of creating a paper image of it.